Common Myths About Vinyl Siding Installation

Unlock the Truth

Vinyl siding continues to be a preferred alternative for many homeowners because of its low cost and adaptability. Despite its numerous distinct advantages, however, the siding material is still plagued by fallacies that prevent many people from taking advantage of it. A top vinyl siding installation service provider has cleared up some of the myths surrounding it.

Myth 1. Vinyl siding lacks durability. Vinyl has been used as a siding material since the late 1950s, and throughout the course of that time, vinyl has undergone a number of production advancements that have made it more weatherproof. Today’s vinyl siding panels can resist winds of up to 110 miles per hour. Some of them are so resistant to combustion that they have high fire resistance ratings, making them useful for mitigating the spread of fires.

Myth 2. Vinyl is bad for the environment. Vinyl is one of the most eco-friendly solutions for exterior siding when all aspects of production are considered. Cleaning the siding surface with soapy water is all that’s required for regular upkeep. Painting it every few years to keep it looking new wastes a lot of toxic paint and other materials. Vinyl siding, after use, can be recycled into new items through a melting process. The amount of trash sent to landfills is reduced as a result of this.

Myth 3. Vinyl siding looks cheap. Vinyl siding may be plastic, but it doesn’t have a plasticky appearance. The design of this device has evolved greatly over the years. Nearly 350 recognized hues of vinyl siding exist, and they all look more real and authentic than ever. Differentiating it from similar siding goods like wood clapboard and cedar shakes is its fade resistance and the product’s texture and attention to detail.

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